Who is Lev Parnas? What’s John Roberts’ role?

The third impeachment demo of a U.S. president kicked off Thursday in Washington, and President Donald Trump is the defendant.

The Structure stipulates that, if any federal official commits “substantial crimes or misdemeanors,” the Residence of Representatives is empowered to impeach – formally cost – that formal. The Home voted Wednesday afternoon to formally deliver the impeachment prices against Trump to the Senate. 

Trump’s fate sits with the Senate, where a conviction would mean removal from business office. Household Speaker Nancy Pelosi named seven Residence members to serve as “supervisors,” in essence prosecutors, for the trial. 

Concern: Why do they say, “listen to ye, listen to ye” and use outdated English throughout impeachment proceedings?

Respond to: Senate procedures are specific in giving aspects for an impeachment demo. The trial will begin with the proclamation “Hear ye! Hear ye! Listen to ye! All people are commanded to hold silent, on discomfort of imprisonment, although the Senate of the United States is sitting for the demo of the article content of impeachment.” Translation: Be peaceful and pay interest. Senators were being needed to be at their desks while the articles of impeachment ended up read by Property Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, D-Calif.

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